Ridgeway Services Construction Ltd - Poor workmanship and no service

Georgetown, Ontario 2 comments

Don't trust Tony Sheppard and his crew as they did a horrible job on the build-out of our business.No service.

Once they got the cheque, they stopped even worrying about the service. I have to pay another contractor $12000 to $15000 to fix his mistakes.

Tony promised to take care of the flooring issues. Then after many follow up phone calls and email (like I have nothing better to do than to do his job for him), he finally sent a crew to the site to review the issues. They agreed that the carpet, plank floor and rubber were installed incorrectly and needed to be replaced.

Tony decided that his pocket book was more important and that he wouldn't bother repairing it.

He offered a settlement of $800 but that is a joke considering what it will cost.

Review about: Bad Construction Service.



I heard the same about this company through another contractor that was fixing their errors.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #694573

This Gentlemen that has written this statement is false in his claims.His facts are not true.

Ridgeway Services and or Tony Sheppard has never worked for this gentleman or have ever met this gentleman. The client Ridgeway worked for related to this was extremely happy & paid in full. This gentlemen also tried the Avenue of the Better Business Bureau and after review it was concluded his claim was unwarranted & deemed malicious. This site should remove this as this gentlemen should be dealing with this in a claim situation vs.

a forum such as this.This is a slanderous statement made by this gentlemen and he is certainly going to feel the repercussions of his unprofessionalism in near future.

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